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Pine Grove Mission Trip 2012 Recap

Pine Grove Mission Trip 2012 Recap

Good morning all!

I just wanted to take some time to recap this past week serving with 10 students and 3 other adults.  We were in Pine Grove, PA from July 8-13 with Life Builders (Christian Endeavor Mid-Atlantic).  Our task as a youth group was to finish the demolition of a trailer which had been destroyed by the flood back in September of 2011 from Tropical Storm Lee.  Below you will find a picture I created just giving you an idea of what the students did.  (Then click the read more button below it hear more thoughts)


This little montage I made gives you just a small glimpse of what the students really did!  I was so proud of how hard they worked and the obstacles they were able to overcome (injuries, heat, non-functioning equipment, and much more)!  To think we filled 3 dumpsters full of debris is amazing!  I have had the weekend to reflect and think about what we were able to accomplish as a youth group and as a “camp” overall.  There truly was an amazing impact left on the community by our students and the students from other churches.  This was made even more clear by the generosity of a local movie theater who opened their doors to us for free to show the newest Spiderman movie and by the testimonies given by home owners who joined us for our closing gathering Thursday evening.  I myself was brought to tears a couple of times hearing the stories of home owners touched by the work of the students.  Our group did not get to meet our home owner, in fact we interacted with just a couple of people who stopped by our work site, but I trust in the Lord that what we did has left an impact on our owner who is looking to move on 10 months after such devastation.  Working at this site allowed us to see the true affects of what happened and as we began to rip up flooring a life story began to unfold as we found things which belonged to the home owner: papers, prayers, teddy bears, personal items, silver ware and much more.  May we continue to pray for the home owner and the people of Pine Grove.  I pray the students and their families grow in their faith through the trip.  And I pray we all will continue to put our hope and trust in the Lord, the make, creator and sustainer of all things!

P.S.  If you would like to view more pictures and videos from the trip please feel free to e-mail me and I would be glad to send you the link!

-Pastor Dave