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Pine Grove Mission Trip 2012 Recap

Good morning all!

I just wanted to take some time to recap this past week serving with 10 students and 3 other adults.  We were in Pine Grove, PA from July 8-13 with Life Builders (Christian Endeavor Mid-Atlantic).  Our task as a youth group was to finish the demolition of a trailer which had been destroyed by the flood back in September of 2011 from Tropical Storm Lee.  Below you will find a picture I created just giving you an idea of what the students did.  (Then click the read more button below it hear more thoughts)


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Mission Trip – Day 4 pm

What an exciting few days we’ve had!! These kids are working so hard…and as their parents you should be so proud of them!! I know I am! These past few days have been super warm and super sunny and packed with the tough task of demolishing this trailer home! Lots of heavy lifting and physical labor have been offered by the students and little complaining has come with that! So great! I think there are a few great things about this week. First, it’s great to have one project to focus on all week! Moreso…it’s great to work alongside our students in this way and get to know each one better! Lastly, its awesome to see all of the progress we’ve made!!! From a whole trailer home to a steel frame and a few piles of rubbish (that will hopefully be gone tomorrow!!), its fantastic to be able to see our progress and know that at the end of the day we’ve made a significant difference! :)

This morning started off with an energizing cleaning of the shower rooms and another delicious breakfast. Following breakfast we had our worship experience since we’d be away in the evening. Our worship experience included Lectio Divino (or devine reading) where we read a passage of scripture 4 times to see what stuck out to us and what God wants us to do or change because of that. I encourage you to ask your kids about this experience to see how Hebrews 11:1-16 spoke to them!

So as a reward for all our hard man (and woman) power we had the afternoon and evening off! Storms interrupted our fun at the pool (which yielded little opportunity for fixing that farmer’s tan I’ve gained this week) – so we enjoyed lots of extra fries at Red Robin!! We then went to City Island where David whooped us all in mini golf with his “consistent” putting skills! All in all a great break from the hard work we’ve been doing and hopefully a rejuvenation for our last day of finishing up the job tomorrow!! Thanks for all your prayers and keep ‘em coming!!

~ Danae K. :)

Mission Trip – Day 4 dinner 2

Red Robin tonight!!!!!! Yes sir you guessed we are at red robin its goood have a good dinner tonight bye

-Noah E.

Mission Trip – Day 4 dinner

Hi this is d.j. but you can call me batman still thinking about the spiderman movie. I just danced around in the rain, it was fun. YAY my drink just came p.s. we are at red robin i’m getting a bansai burger it has pinapple on it (takes a sip of root beer) the pool was fun. We had to leave early though, it started thunder storming. But we still had fun (aaaaaaaaa fiberglass in my pants) anyway their was a slide and a diveing board (more rootbeer and fiberglass) hey look a airplane strapped to the roof cool, back to the pool we had fun dunking and splashing each other but then we left (WHY FIBERGLASS WHYYYY) but yeah I’m rambling at this point PEEEAAACCCEEE!

-DJ Krausz

Missuon Trip – Day 4 pm

Hi mom its Bryon. Im having so much fun doing demolition and stuff. We are going to an island in a river im so excited. #KFC
Bye love you

-Bryon S