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Mission Trip – Day 4

Hey everyone we watched the new Spiderman movie last night and it was awesome!!!!
Other than that everything is going fine. We are almost done with the trailer and we
Just found a dead cat!

-Nyla D.

Mission Trip – Day 3

Who needs a generator when you have Zach Hill? Today we were finishing up our demolition job on a trailer, when we tried taking out cross beams with an electric sawzall but our generator died! So Zach Hill took an axe and went crazy on the beams. You can tell hes been drinking his muscle milk lately. Paul and Dave spent the day chilling in a dumpster. Paul is very skilled with a hammer. Danae is also very skilled with saw. All in all we still have alot of clean up to do tomorrow morning but it is totally worth it knowing we are helping out a family in need.

-Ben K.

Mission Trip – Day 2

What a day! We began the day with a great breakfast and then packed up and went to the worksite. When we got there it was a reality of the devastation which hit Pine Grove. Our work was to remove the roof and debris from the trailer and load the dumpster. We came up with a plan and began the work. We had sledge hammers, circular saws, crow bars anf lots of hammers going. Things were going great and we were moving along, and then the worksite “fought back”. In a matter of seconds the whole day changed as one of our students were working she stepped on a nail and punctured her foot. It was not a pretty sight and off to the ER we went. Zach, Annastashia and myself were off to the hospital while the rest of the team finished working. We got to the hospital and everything turned out as good as can be hoped. We got back to the work site by 3:30 as the team was finishing. We made great progress and you can check out the pictures on my photobucket (email me if you’d like the link). It’s been a crazy and long first day. Tomorrow, barring any more unexpected issues, I hope to have more pictures and students writing. Good night!

Prayers: safety, encouragement, strength, and for God’s love to be shown and felt in Pine Grove.

Day 1 – Mission Trip

Good evening all! We are here in Pine Grove safe and sound! The students and leaders are ready and excited to serve. We had dinner at Mcdonalds and are preparing for our evening gathering of experiential worship. We also got our assignment for tomorrow and we are demoing a trailor!!! This should be a lot of fun! Keep us in your prayers and keep praying for the people here in Pine Grove! I’ll do my best to add photos and maybe some video if i can figure that out! Bear with me as I’m using my phone for all of these updates. More to come…..

Pastor Dave

Power – it’s a dangerous thing….

The picture in this post is from our 30 Hour Famine.  Currently it’s 2 a.m. and I’m awake making sure everyone is safe.  So these are my thoughts and ponderings from the week, my apologies if they are a little slurred, lack of sleep is getting to me…

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