Mission Trip



First Baptist Church is on a Mission!

This August FBC is going to Honduras with Pastor Rosnibri Abreu and team. There are 3 openings left if you would like to go! Please contact Pastor Rosnibri at rosnibriabreu@icloud.com. There will be doctor and some health professionals, but there is something for everyone to do!

Would you like to help by donating some over-the-counter medication or help financial to purchase one of the medication from the list below.

All donations are due by August 1st.

Medication List

Acetaminophen for Kids
Acetaminophen Chewable
Desitin Cream
Hydrocortisone 1% cream
Bengay Cream
Dandruff Shampoo
Callous Remover
Cough Medicine for Children
Cough Medicine for Adults
Eye Drops
Benadryl Liquid
Benadryl Tablets
Multivitamins for Children
Multivitamins for Adults