What We Believe Believer’s Baptism

Believer’s Baptism

Baptism:  We believe that as a person comes to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that Baptism is the logical and celebrative expression of that new found relationship.  We practice Believer’s Baptism by immersion as our mode of Baptism.  Discipleship classes are offered in preparation for this celebration with the expectation that the person will make informed and meaningful decisions of faith.  We do recognize people who have been Baptized in other Christian traditions practicing modes other than Believer’s Baptism. This is called, “Open Membership.”  People coming from other Christian Traditions may unite with our fellowship by “Transfer of Letter” or on “Statement of Christian Experience.”  Believer’s Baptism is seen as an Ordinance given by Christ and as “an outward expression of an inward act of faith.”