What We Believe Our Ministry Focus

Our Ministry Focus

During our Envisioning Conference in January 2009 we adopted the following three areas of ministry from “Growing A Vital Congregation” as our focus for ministry.  It is our desire to develop in these ministry areas that we might most effectively bear fruit and be vitally effective as a congregation:

Expresses Authentic Worship - A vital congregation is committed to growing in its worship life.  Worship begins with individual praise and adoration of God and culminates in corporate, congregational worship.  The focus is towards God and is reverent and expectant in nature.  Authentic worship acknowledges the wonder and presence of God.  It invites meaningful encounter with God through prayer, the Word, music, and fellowship.

Fellowships in Love – A vital congregation develops intentional community in which the love of God is exercised in tangible and meaningful expressions of love for one another.  It encourages mutual relationships that are positive, helpful, restorative, and accountable.  While committed to the intimacy of long-standing relationships it is always ready to widen its circle to include others.  Fellowship is given and received in a spirit of God’s love and grace.

Seeks God’s Vision – A vital congregation has a growing desire to want to know God, His heart, and His agenda.  It seeks in prayer, study, and envisioning to discover how it might effectively fulfill the purpose that God has for them and their ministry. It thinks biblically, practically, and faithfully.  It dreams big realizing that what will be accomplished will require God working in and through them.  It understands that the Church cannot do anything for God without God.